Properly maintain your tennis court

Hard courts are the primary courts in the United States. The US Open in New York is played on hard courts as is most all college tennis. Falling in line with the rest of the nation, ninety percent of the tennis courts in Georgia are hard courts. They are typically constructed of a layer of crushed stone and a layer of asphalt with an acrylic surfacing system. The reasons for their popularity are low maintenance, low cost of construction, and high durability.

The tennis industry states that if a hard court is properly maintained, the average life for it is approximately 25 years. Proper maintenance entails simply keeping the court clean on a monthly schedule (removal of leaves and blowing off the courts) and keeping any outside vegetation from encroaching onto the tennis courts. Every five years the tennis court should be resurfaced with a fresh acrylic surfacing system.

Many of the problems that hard courts develop as they age are:

  • Cracking

  • Birdbaths (depressions), caused by the settling of the court

  • Fencing issues

  • Net post and center straps issues

  • Foundation issues

  • Water problems

The severity of these problems will depend on the quality of the original construction, site location, time of year it was constructed, quality of material, and whether the court has been maintained.

Some of the products Court Makers use are: