tennis-net-installation1. Unwrap the tennis net and lay it across the center of the court where the net line is.

2. Ensure both tennis posts are anchored into the ground correctly.

3. Attach the loop on the net cable to the hook on the top of the net post.

4. Repeat on the other side of the court.

5. Insert the end of the cable into the winding mechanism located on the net post.

6. Place the lacing of the net through the garments.

7. Repeat step 6 on the other side.

8. Tie the bottom of the cable around the anchoring posts.

9 Repeat step 8 on the other side.

10. Gently wind the net upwards with the winding device until the net tape and securing tape are next to each other with no gaps.

11. Near the net posts, measure the space under the net. The net should be roughly 42” above the ground. If it is off, then re-adjust the net with the winding mechanism.

12. Attach the strap on the middle of the net and anchor it to the floor hook in the center of the court.

13. Measure the space under the net in the center of the court. The center of the net should be more than 36” above the ground. Adjust the net using the winding mechanism until it is at the correct height.

Tennis Court Elevations spec sheet from the USTA and ASBA