By G. Marshall Dye, President Of Court Makers Inc.

What should be expected from tennis court resurfacing?

People are always asking what they should expect from tennis court resurfacing. Tennis court resurfacing should provide permanent uniform color, uniform texture and ball bounce characteristics. In addition, low abrasion, minimum glare, good ball visibility, a non-skid feeling under the feet, and low maintenance all fall under tennis court resurfacing expectations.

The following are some things that should NOT be expected form a hard court tennis surface: resistance to wear from street shoes, ability to resist damage from skates, skateboards, motor vehicles, bicycles, hockey sticks, and equipment with small legs such as ladders and chairs.

The durability of a good acrylic surface is more closely related to proper care and housekeeping than to the amount of usage. If a tennis court is used for tennis only and is kept clean and free from dirt, it should provide 4 to 6 years of service before resurfacing with a fresh color system.

Outdoor Hard Court Maintenance

  • Remove all foreign matter at least weekly with a power blower. Rain will keep the surface clean most of the time, but rinsing off with water using a hose is necessary if dirt is showing on the court. Many court builders recommend rinsing the court weekly to insure a surface free of debris; some say this regular washing can add as much as two years to the life of the court.
  • Keep grass and weeds trimmed away from the edge of the court. “Roundup” is a commonly used Herbicide for killing grass permanently.
  • When maintaining grass near a hard court, make sure no fertilizer gets on the surface. If it does, sweep it off or wash it off immediately. If allowed to remain on the acrylic, the chemical will leave pockmarks.
  • After a heavy rain, wash silt, clay, and other dirt left on the surface immediately with a garden hose or court washer. If these materials are allowed to dry and harden, the courts may have to be cleaned later with a pressure washer.
  • During fall months, remove leaves and pine needles regularly. Keep the surface clean all winter long.
  • When the surface is worn to a faded color, ask a contractor for advice. It may be time to resurface the courts.