Add an attractive finishing touch to your tennis courts

Court Makers offers three windscreen options to meet your court needs. We offer a Good, Better, and Best solution:

Dura-Air PVC Windscreen (Best)

This flexible yet tough material is made of 78% flexible foamed PVC and 22% high tenacity polyester yarn constructed by closely bonding the materials at the crossover points. This provides you with a windscreen that is durable in structure and professional in appearance.
Standard heights include 6ft or 9ft however panels can be customized to your dimensions – center lip with grommets required for 9ft panels

Four-ply reinforced hems and brass grommets built in every 12 inches
80% shade factor for Dura-Air and 95% shade factor for Dura-Air Closed
Die cut vents are complimentary and bound or sewn vents available at additional cost
Dura-Air Open is available in Royal Blue, US Open Blue, Forest Green, and Black
Dura-Air Closed available in Forest Green and Black

Tenn-Air™ VCP Windscreen (Better)

The preferred choice of the U.S. Open, the featured Tenn-Air™ stands up better than any other windscreen on the market to weather elements and standard abrasion from player activity. Made from a 9oz vinyl coated polyester, Tenn-Air™ is easy to install and highly durable. The adhesion of the vinyl to the polyester threads is of the highest quality so the vinyl coating will not chip or wear away.

  • Standard heights include 6ft or 9ft (standard center grommets with center flat seam or lip) however panels can be customized to your dimensions
  • Four-ply reinforced hems with built-in brass grommets every 12 inches
  • 70% shade factor
  • Die-cut vents are complimentary and bound or sewn vents available at additional cost
  • Available in Yellow, US Open Blue, Brown, Kelly Green, Orange, White, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Red, Grey, and Black

Commercial Knit Polyethylene Windscreen (Good)

Commercial Knit, used in both athletic and industrial applications, is constructed with tightly woven polyethylene giving it a higher breaking strength than the more common knitted polyethylene.

  • Standard screen heights include 6ft or 9ft and lengths are custom to your requirements
  • Sold in 120ft x 6ft and 120ft x 9ft rolls with our without built-in brass grommets and reinforced three-ply hems
  • 68% shade factor
  • Available in Forest Green and Black

Many of Court Maker’s products can be printed with multi-color graphics giving you the opportunity to show off team spirit, promote company trademarks or increase revenue with printed advertising. Adding custom logos or graphics can enhance the look of any product. Depending on product type, Court Makers offers digital, printed, and sewn graphics.

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