Locate the Contractor who is best suited to meet your needs

Once the decision to build a new court or surface an existing one has been made, you must take the time to locate the contractor who is best suited to your needs. Choosing the right contractor can determine the ultimate success of your tennis facility. Remember, a knowledgeable and experienced contractor can help you, the owner, make the right decisions resulting in a quality court. Tennis court construction is a highly specialized field within the construction industry. It is vital that the contractor you choose be familiar with the current marketplace, as well as with the type of surface you intend to install.

Accept only written proposals that include all necessary specifications for the court, including building materials and equipment brand names. When comparing proposals, make sure that all specifications are identical. Also, this written proposal protects you against changes and excuses in the construction phase.

Verify that the contractor is knowledgeable in all aspects of building a tennis court. This includes having experience with slope, drainage, surface materials as well as nets, posts, lighting, etc. In this regard, make sure the contractor is familiar with United States Tennis Association recommendations and guides and the specifications of the United States Tennis Court and Track Builder Association.

Request references and a list of recent projects. Contact these references and try to visit them. Inquire from the reference if the contractor completed the court on time and within budget. Check his workmanship and get a feel for the overall quality of the job. You’ll be able to tell quickly if the contractor has satisfied other customers.

The contractor should give a performance guarantee against defective workmanship and materials for at least one year.

Make sure the contractor carries the proper insurance policies. At a minimum, these should include liability insurance and workman’s compensation.

Local contractors are usually more readily available for conferences and repairs when needed. But, don’t choose your contractor only because of his proximity. A contractor must be well qualified in order to be considered.