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Fix The Court Cracks

Blog originally posted by RSI Magazine By Helen Sprecher

Whether you have hard or soft courts, they’ll eventually need work. How do you know what your courts really need?

Tennis Court Repair
No matter how well built your court is, eventually it’s going to show its age. In a hard court, that might mean cracks, worn spots or uneven areas. A soft court (clay or fast-dry) might have areas where […]

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Life of a Tennis Court

By G. Marshall Dye, President Of Court Makers Inc.

court-constructionIn this article I will try to answer the many questions that we are asked about tennis courts on a daily basis at Court Makers Inc. Hard courts are the primary courts in the United States. The US Open in New York is played on hard courts as is most all college tennis. Falling in line with the rest […]

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Armor Court Crack Repair

163794_170629652976845_3431921_nWhen it comes to tennis court crack repair, Court Makers uses the ARMOR Crack Repair System for several reasons. The ARMOR system is a patented process for long term repairs to asphalt tennis court cracks.

Proven successful since 1993 and used on over 2 million feet of tennis court cracks, thousands of courts now have ARMOR installed.

Effective in sub-zero temperatures, […]

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Hard Court Maintenance

By G. Marshall Dye, President Of Court Makers Inc.

What should be expected from tennis court resurfacing?
People are always asking what they should expect from tennis court resurfacing. Tennis court resurfacing should provide permanent uniform color, uniform texture and ball bounce characteristics. In addition, low abrasion, minimum glare, good ball visibility, a non-skid feeling under the feet, and low maintenance all fall under tennis […]

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Installing A Tennis Net

Although it’s true that a tennis ball must be hit over a tennis net, the net should also be strong enough to support players falling into it when falling into it after a shot. That’s why it’s so important to be sure that you take the time to make sure it is durable, functional and installed at the correct height when setting up a home or community tennis court net.

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