Every 5 years hard courts need resurfacing

When courts get into the 20+ year range they are resurfaced even more often just to keep them in playing condition. Resurfacing includes pressure cleaning, crack repairing, birdbath removal, and typically a 3-coat acrylic surfacing system and striping. Please realize that the cracks will typically re-appear the first time there is cooler weather. Cracks act like expansion joints, and they open up and close with the cooler weather. When having your tennis courts resurfaced, make sure you have a complete understanding of what to expect with the cracks on your tennis courts. Contractors will not provide a warranty on standard crack repair when resurfacing. For a more permanent crack repair, you would need to include Gorilla Fiberglass on cracks or Armor Crack Repair.

Standard resurfacing runs approximately $8,000.00+ per pair of courts depending on the condition and age of the courts.

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