Bakko (8×12)

Bakko (8×12)

8 feet high, 12 feet wide, 1.75 inches thick.

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Bakko BackboardsBakko backboards are ready for play when the pre-fabricated, completely finished, green fiberglass interlocking panels are affixed to your tennis court fence posts or wall. The Bakko assembly kit holds the panels in a tight, unitized, side-by-side construction. Kits come in traditional flat and single curved styles. All kits are complete.

The panels feature sound-deadening matrix interior, encased in thick fiberglass and gel coat, pressure treated 2 x 4s for horizontal supports, multiples of four-foot-wide panels, and coated with solar and impact resistant Imron paint. If your situation requires a unique size or specialized color combination, we can custom make backboards using the same Bakko quality workmanship to meet your individual needs.


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